The Kinematic Subject

The Vehicular Experience of Speed and Automobility in Virtuality/Reality

Perspectively, environments can be open, closed, or a combination of these. In an open space, possible trajectories face in every direction. This is most often the case in flight simulators. On the other hand, closed spaces, such as that of a cavern or tunnel limit the possible trajectory to the directions of the environment (usually forward or backward). This type of space occurs most often in first person shooters. An interesting observation occurs with the comparison of these two extremes: that perspectively they are opposites. In an open landscape, midway between an open and closed space, the second aporia is a horizon, and forms a perceptual boundary between the first and third aporias.

It might be noted that a change in subject positioning can change the perceptual proximity from aporia. The kinematic subject of a car is usually used to experiencing left hand drive or right hand drive vehicles.


[click here for visual examples of right hand drive and left hand drive perspective. As you may probably see, one side may feel natural, and the other, unnatural.]


In the comparison of the position change, the aporia that was once distanced by the car's width on the far side is reversed to the other side, resulting in a different bodily transformation (as the position is different). The change in position is a moment of ecstasy, in which a change in bodily position results in an altered state of consciousness / embodiment.

Closed Environments (tunnel)

Central position

Left hand drive :: Right hand drive


Open Landscapes

Central position

Left hand drive :: Right hand drive


‘Hallway’ Environments

Central position :: Low position

Left hand drive :: Right hand drive


Perspective opposites

Open Environment :: Closed Environment