The Kinematic Subject

The Vehicular Experience of Speed and Automobility in Virtuality/Reality

The vehicle could even be seen as a force, which can manipulate the environment and the subject. A pen is a complex vehicle, in that it has the internal interface between handle grip and ink storage. We may quickly note here that the experience of speed is not so much related to the written word, that is, stored media, than it is concerned with the experience of writing; of creation; of changes in state.

If action can be stored and retrieved (as the video camera achieves), then simulations allow these reanimated events of vehicle-environment dynamics to be re-experienced in their entirety.

Now we can see the significance of experience in speed exposure. In that media are vehicles, intermediation allows us to immediately strike a comparison between the experience of media and the experience of vehicles.

To experience speed, one has to experience a system of intermediation. In order for a subject to become a kinematic subject, they have to become part of a system of intermediation. This experience of being a part of such a system is known as the concept of motility, or of motile hybridity.