The Kinematic Subject

The Vehicular Experience of Speed and Automobility in Virtuality/Reality

360 Degree Video

In the case of 360 degree video, the direction of future and past traversed space is simultaneously visible. The curvature of perspective that is created by projection onto a flat plane (such as that of your computer monitor) causes objects passing to appear closer when sideways to the direction of travel.

The curvature is distorted so much, that most of the stimuli loses its meaning. High fields of view allow for an amount of stimuli that exceeds that of normal perception (usually ~180 degrees along the horizontal axis). In this case, too much stimuli results in much of the information losing its meaning, leading to raw data.

This then makes the minor adjustments of navigation difficult when a high field of view is used on small screens, where the subject already has a low field of view. This is also a case where we see the case of optic flow in action. You might think your eyes would stay focussed near the center of the vehicle, towards the trajectory of the road; that is, until it heads for the barrier, the vertigo of a journey's end.

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