The Kinematic Subject

The Vehicular Experience of Speed and Automobility in Virtuality/Reality

Perspectivism of the Journey

Wide angles contextualise environmental stimuli to the maximum degree. The higher the angle of the field of view, the more the stimuli, and the greater the experience of speed. This video is a wide angle (120 degrees) view of VIP UA’s world record lap (1minute 25.220 seconds; 2005) around the South City (long) location in the online racing simulator, Live For Speed S2. I have removed the head movement that is usually affected by the G-forces to emphasise the immobile solidarity in motility that many racing games and media exhibit.

There is a link between the concept of the journey and perspectivism. Perspectivism, as does experience, lies on a linear line of history; the journey of past and future events; experienced through the temporality of the present. The field of view always encompasses aesthetically at least one of these three dynamic nodes of temporality. For this video, it is the centered focus of the future.

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