The Kinematic Subject

The Vehicular Experience of Speed and Automobility in Virtuality/Reality

The Focus on Cars

This project places its focus on the experience of speed through the modern automobile (ie everyday cars, and performance/race vehicles). Why focus on cars when there are other much more exciting 'vehicles' available to study?

First and secondly, it is one of the most popular modes of transport across the world, as it is one of the easiest methods one can achieve automobility.

Thirdly, unlike dynamic ('interactive') media, it has distinct subject positions: the driver, passenger, and spectator. Having clear definitions of specific subject positions forms a foundation for later discussion on how these positions change.

Fourthly, like the camera's point of view, the experience of speed is based on perspectivism; on a first person perspective. Different perspectives of motion determine the quality of speed that is experienced.

Fifthly, the car windscreen and interiors are most similar to the cinema screens and video game interfaces.

Sixthly, the experienced motion that cars produce create physiological affects that alter the

subject's state of consciousness.

Seventhly, motor sports, particularly car racing, are popular activities both in reality and in the virtual simulations of video games.

Lastly, in that the same activities (moving through space and goal driven activities) can be achieved in both real and virtual environments, a similarity in the experience of real and virtual environments emerges.