The Kinematic Subject

The Vehicular Experience of Speed and Automobility in Virtuality/Reality

Violent Perspectivism

Movement is directly related to fear . This is because of the ‘flight’ response; one of the behaviours psychologically embedded in any animal (Grossman, 1996). In other words, when one is scared, they run away from the object or thing that scared them. This is a situation whereby fear can instantly create ecstasy. However, as the ecstasy of dynamic motion can be controlled at the touch of a button (the accelerator), the kinematic subject is at once in control of their fear. This appears to be an enjoyable phenomenon, of the empowerment to the self. Thus a complex feedback loop of fear and enjoyment is established in the assemblage of the subject-vehicle-environment

The professional driver and the elite pilot are the masters of ecstasy. Being highly skilled, they reach the extremes of dangerous situations while escaping the event unscathed. This is more objectively realised in the activity of drifting. Traditionally, a loss of grip between the tyres and the road results in the vehicle being out of control, and grip being in control. A drift is a controlled slide; the manipulation of a cars handling into and out of oversteer. The drift poses an interesting scenario of control and danger.